Jul 28 – Outline/Questions/Audio/Video – Jesus’ Relationship to the Father

Jul 21 – Outline / Questions/ Audio / Video – Jesus Is Working

Jul 14 – Outline / Questions / Audio / Video – A Sign Of Life

Jul 7 – Outline/Group Quest/Audio/Video – The Gift Of Living Water

Jun 30 – Outline & Quest / Audio/ Video – For God So Loved

Jun 23 – Outline / Group Quest / Audio / Video – The New Birth

Jun 16 – Outline / Group Quest / Audio / Video – I’m A Friend Of Jesus

Jun 9 – Outline / Group Quest / Audio / Video – What A Wedding Guest

Jun 2 – Sermon Notes/ Audio / Video – A New Story

May 26 – Outline / Group Quest / Audio / Video – Start Flipping The Tables

May 19 – Outline / Group Quest / Audio / Video – Rhythm of Rest

May 12 – Outline / Group Quest / Audio / Video – Portrait of a Courageous, Sacrificing Mother

May 5 – Outline / Group Quest / Audio / Video – Called To Follow Christ

Apr 28 – Outline / Group Quest / Audio / Video – The Testimony Of John

Apr 21 – Outline / Group Quest / Audio / Video – Blessed Are Those Who Believe

Apr 14 – Outline / Group Quest / Audio / Video – Full of Grace and Truth, The Glory of Jesus

Apr 7 – Outline / Group Quest / Audio / Video – Receive The Light Of The World

Mar 31 – Outline / Group Quest / Audio / Video – Fishing Trips

Mar 24 – Outline / Group Quest / Audio / Video – Reproduce Disciples

Mar 17 – Outline / Group Quest / Audio / Video – Ministering To Others

Mar 10 – Outline / Group Quest. / Audio / Video – Growing In The Faith

Mar 3 – Outline & Group Ques. / Audio / Video – Planted In The Soil Of Faith

Feb 24 – Outline  / Audio / Video – Warning: Strong Currents

Feb 17 – Outline & Group Ques. / Audio / Video – Contend For The Faith

Feb 10 – Outline & Group Ques. / Audio / Video – Support Those Who Walk In Truth

Feb 3 – Outline & Group Ques. / Audio / Video – What Is True Love?

Jan 27 – Outline / Audio / Video – Come and See

Jan 20 – Outline  Group Questions/ Audio / Video – Why Abortion Is A Sin

Jan 13 – Outline / Audio / Video – State of Church Address


Dec 30 – Outline and Questions / Audio / Video – How To Be Happy

Dec 23 – Outline and Questions / Audio / Video – The Hope of the Second Coming

Dec 16 – Outline and Group Questions / Audio / Video – The Advent Hope Of Jesus Coming Now

Dec 9 – Outline and Group Questions / Audio / Video – The Hope For The First Coming

Dec 2 – Outline and Group Questions / Audio / Video – The History and Hope of Advent

Nov 25 – Outline / Audio / Video – Thankful For A Life Well Lived

Nov 18 – Outline and Group Questions / Audio / Video – What Does Thanksgiving Produce In Us?

Nov 11 – Outline / Group Questions / Audio / Video – Stand Firm In The Faith

Nov 4 – Outline and Group Questions / Audio / Video – Take Care Of Your Money and Leaders

Oct 28 – Outline / Audio / Video – The Resurrection and Defeat of Death

Oct 21 – Outline / Audio/ Video – The Nature Of The Resurrection Body

Oct 14 – Outline / Audio / Video – The Certainty Of Resurrection In God’s Plans

Oct 7 – Outline / Audio / Video – Worship Should Be Orderly and Edifying

Sept 30 – Audio / Video – Call To Mind – Overcoming Grief

Sept 23 – Outline / Audio / Video – Love Exceeds Everything Else

Sept 16 – Outline / Audio / Video – Different Gifts But Together For God’s Glory

Sept 9 – Outline / Audio / Video – Did Any of the Spiritual Gifts Cease?

Sept 2 – Outline / Audio / Video – The Unity Underlying the Diversity In the Body

Aug 26 – Outline / Audio / Video – Gospel Godliness

Aug 19 – Outline / Audio / Video – How To Embrace Change

Aug 12 – Outline / Audio/ Video – God Uses Change To Make You Like Christ

Aug 5 – Outline / Questions / Audio/ Video– God’s Will Is To Make You Like Christ

July 29 – Outline / Questions / Audio  / Video – How Jesus Prayed

July 22 – Outline / AudioVideo – Order In The Worship Service

July 15 – Outline / Audio / Video – Properly Partaking Of Communion

July 8 – Manuscript /AudioVideo – Is It Profitable?

July 1 – Manuscript /AudioVideo -Flee Idolatry

June 24- Outline/Manuscript/LGQuestions/Video-Flee Temptation

June 17-Outline/Manuscript/LGQuestions/Audio/Video-Running To Win

June 10-Outline/Manuscript/Audio-Living as a Servant of God

June 3-Outline/Manuscript/LGQuestions/Audio/Video-Honor God With Your Body

May 27-Outline/Manuscript/Audio-Stay Married

May 20- Outline/Audio/Video-Write A Better Story

May 13- Outline/Manuscript/LGQuestons/Audio-Snapshot Of A Virtuous Women

May 6-Outline/Manuscript/LGQuestions/Video/Audio-Glorify God With Your Body In Singleness And In Marriage

Apr 29-Outline/Video/Audio-But Love Builds

Apr 22-Outline/Audio/Video-How To Get Rid of Hypocrisy

Apr 15-Outline/Manuscript/Audio/Video-False Accusations of Hypocrisy?

Apr 8-Outline/Manuscript/Audio/Video– What Is True Hypocrisy?

Apr 1-Outline/ Manuscript/Audio/Video-Jesus’ Resurrection Means Everything

Mar 25-Outline/Audio/Video-Don’t Sue Other Believers

Mar 18- Outline/Manuscript/Audio/Video– Purify The Body Of Christ

Mar 11- Outline/Manuscript/Video/Audio-Being A True Servant of Christ

Mar 4- Outline/Manuscript/Video/Audio-Building A Life That Will Last

Feb 25- Outline/Video/Audio-The Source Of Wisdom

Feb 18-Outline/Manuscript/Video-God’s Wisdom Outperforms The World’s Wisdom

Feb 11- Outline/Manuscript/Video/Audio-Seek The Unity Of The Body

Feb 4-Outline/Manuscript/Video/Audio-The Riches of Your Salvation

Jan 28-Outline/Manuscript/Video/Audio-Are You Greater Than Jesus?

Jan 21-Outline/Video/Audio– Do You Think Like A Servant?

Jan 14-Outline/Manuscript/Video/Audio-Did You Come To Serve?

Jan 7-Outline/Manuscript/Video/Audio-Healthy Leadership Transition


Dec 31-Video-Time of Thanksgiving

Dec 24-Outline/Manuscript/Video/Audio-The Joy Of The Lord Is My Strength

Dec 17-Outline/Manuscript/Audio/Video-Enjoying Life By Putting Away The Past

Dec 10-Outline/Manuscript/Audio-Enjoying Life By Choosing Contentment

Dec 3-Outline/Manuscript/Audio-The Difference Between Joy And Hapinness

Nov 26-Outline/Video/Audio-Be Thankful For A BIG Savior

Nov 19-Outline/Manuscript/Video-Keep Your Promises To God

Nov 12-Outline/Manuscript/Video/Audio-God Blesses Obedience And Punishes Disobedience

Nov 5-Outline/Manuscript/Audio-Take Care Of Your World

Oct 29-Outline/Manuscript/Video/Audio-God Institues Capital Punishment

Oct 22-Outline/Audio/Video-Festivals Of God: More Than Just A Party

Oct 15-Outline/Manuscript/Audio-Following God Means Godly Lives

Oct 8-Outline/Manuscript/Audio-A Holy God Requires Sexual Purity From His People

Oct 1-Outline/Manuscript/Video/Audio-God Must Provide Out Atoning Sacrifice

Sep 24-Outline/Manuscript/Video/Audio-When Life Pollutes You, Seek Cleansing

Sep 17-Outline/Manuscript/Video/Audio-Church Discipline Protects God’s People

Sept 10-Outline/Manuscript/Video/Audio-You Are To Live A Distinct Life

Sept-3-Outline/Video/Audio-You Can’t Worship Any Way You Choose

Aug 27-Outline/Manuscript/Audio-Prepare To Serve A Holy God

Aug 20-Outline/Manuscript/Audio/Video-Understanding The OT Sacrificial System

Aug 13-Outline/Manuscript/Video/Audio-Acknowledge Your Sin To God

Aug 6-Outline/Manuscript/Audio-Don’t Forget God’s Holiness

July 30-Outline/Audio-Pitfalls Of A Borrowed Faith

July 23-Video/Audio/Outline-You Are Called To Share Your Faith

July 16-Video/Audio-Abide In God’s Truth

July 9-Outline/Video/Audio-Beware Of Those Who Pretend

July 2-Outline/Video/Audio-Being The Good Workman


June 18-Outline/Video/Audio-Happy Father’s Day

June 11-Outline/Audio/Video/Audio-Directions To The Faithful

June 4-Outline/Audio/Video-Get it, Gun it, Give it

May 28-Outline/Manuscript/Audio-The Story of Redemption

May 21-Outline/Audio-Are the New Testament Documents Divinely Inspired?

May 14-Outline/Manuscript/Audio/Video-Don’t Blame Mom

May 7-Outline/Manuscript/Video/Audio-Thinking Biblically About Transgenderism

April 30-Outline/Audio/Video-God Loves You

April 23-Outline/Manuscript/Audio/Video-How To Treat Immigrants

April 16-Outline/Manuscript/Audio-What Really Happened At The Cross?

April 9-Outline/Manuscript/Video-Insructions To The Wealthy

April 2-Outline/Audio/Video-Choosing To Run

March 26-Outline/Manusript-Sound Docrine Produces Godliness

March 19-Outline/Manuscript/Audio/Video-Honor The Elder Office

March 12-Outline/Manuscript/Audio/Video-Instructiuons For Widows

March 5-Outline/Manuscript/Audio/Video-Preserving God’s People

February 26-Outline/Video-Are You Spiritually Fit?

February 19-Outline/Manuscript/Video/Audio-Choose The Right Deacons

February 12-Outline/Manuscript/Video/Audio-Choose The Right Elders

February 5-Outline/Manuscript/Audio/Video-Guidelines For The Gathered Church

January 29-Outline/Manuscript/Audio/Video-Pray For All Men

January 22-Video/Audio-Tools For The Fight

January 15-Outline/Manuscript/Video/Audio-Handle God’s Word Well

January 8-Outline/Manuscript/Video/Audio-Don’t Stop Running-State of the Church Address


December 25-Outline/Manuscript-I Am The Good Shepard

December 18-Audio/Outline/Manuscript-I Am The Door

December 11-Audio/Outline/Manuscript-I Am The Light Of The World

December 4-Audio/Outline/Manuscript-I Am The Bread Of Life

November 27-Audio/Outline/Manuscript-Can You Live Consistently With Your Own World View?

November 20-Audio/Outline-Is Man Unique?

November 13-Audio/Ouline/Manuscript-How Can I Determine What Is Right From Wrong?

November 6-Audio/Outline/Manuscript-Do Feelings Define Reality?

October 30-Audio/Outline-What Is God Like?

October 23-Outline/Manuscript-Does The Truth Exist?

October 16-Audio/Outline/Manuscript-How Do You Know What You Know Is True?

October 9-Audio/Outline/Manuscript-How Do We Know God Exists?

October 2-Audio/Outline/Manuscript-How Did We Get Here?

September 25-Audio/Outline/Manuscript-How Do You See The World?

September 18-Outline-Intercessory Prayer and Supplication

September 11-Audio/Outline-The A.C.T.S. of Prayer-Thanksgiving

September 4-Audio/Outline-Confession

August 28-Audio/Outline-Adoration and Praise

August 21-Audio/Outline-Jesus’ First Charge To His Disciples

August 14-Audio/Outline-The Whole OT Point To Christ

August 7-Audio/-Disciple Making Pathway

July 31-Audio/Outline-Of First Importance

July 24-Audio/Outline-When Enemies Treat You Better Than Friends

July 17-Audio/Outline-Preparing For Suffering

July 10-Audio/Outline-Defending The Faith

July 3-Audio/Outline-Passover and The Lord’s Supper

June 26-Audio/Outline-Who Is The Greatest?

June 19-Audio/Outline-A Father’s Initiative

June 12-Audio/Outline-Progression From Rejection to Restoration

June 5-Audio/Outline-I Am Judas

May 22-Audio/Outline-Jesus Is Coming Again

May 15-Audio/Outline-Coming Trials Are Opportunities

May 8-Audio/Outline-Mother’s Day

May 1-Audio/Outline-Who Are You Trying To Impress?

April 24-Audio/-God Of The Living

April 17-Audio/Outline-Overcoming Guilt

April 10-Audio/Outline-Overcoming Worry

April 3-Audio/Outline-Overcoming Anger

March 27-Audio/Outline-Jesus’s Death and Resurrection

March 20-Audio/Outline-Here Comes The Messiah

March 13-Audio/Outline-Give Our Proper Loyalty To God and Government

March 6-Audio/-God’s Son Rejected By God’s Leaders

February 28-Audio/Outline-Jesus Don’t Play That

February 21-Audio/Outline-A Day of Reckoning

February 14-Audio/Outline-Salvation Truly Changes a Person

February 7-Audio/Outline-The Rewards of Following Christ

January 31-Audio/Outline-The Humility Of A Child

January 24-Audio/Outline-Don’t Stop Praying

January 17-Audio/Outline-Why I’m Pro Life

January 10-Audio/Outline-Do Not Fear

January 3-Audio/Outline-State of the Church Address


December 20-Audio/Outline-A True Hope

December 13-Audio/Outline-Balance Evil or Banish It

December 6-Audio/Outline-Star Wars vs Christmas: Dark Side or Dark One?

November 29-Audio/Outline-Discipline of Celebration

November 15-Audio/Outline-The Spiritual Discipline of Fellowship

November 8-Audio/Outline-The Spiritual Discipline of Confession

October 25-Audio/Outline-The Spiritual Discipline of Worship

October 18-Audio /Outline-The Spiritual Discipline of Chastity

October 11-Audio/Outline-The Spiritual Discipline of Service

October 4-Audio/OutlinePg1/OutlinePg2-The Spiritual Discipline of Simplicity

September 27-Audio/Outline– The Spiritual Discipline of Prayer

September 20-Audio/Outline-The Spiritual Discipline of Fasting

September 13-Outline-Spiritual Disciplines of Study and Meditation

September 6-Outline-Spiritual Disciplines of Solitude and Silence

August 30-Audio/Outline– Give God The Glory Due Him

August 23-Audio/Outline-The Second Coming

August 16-Audio/-Give God The Glory Due Him

August 9-Audio/Outline-Fight

August 2-Outline-Give God The Glory Due Him

July 26-Audio/Outline-Why Hell?

July 19-Audio/Outline-God’s Covenant Requirements Do Not Fail

July 12-Audio/Outline-Use Earthly Money to Gain Heavenly Profit

July 5-Audio/-God Rejoices Over Those Who Repent

June 28-Audio/Outline-I Surrender

June 21-Audio/Outline-God Celebrates Over Repentant Prodigals

June 14-Audio/Outline– God is Eager to bring People Into His Kingdom

June 7-Outline– God Rewards Self-Denial

May 31-Audio/Outline– God’s Word vs. Man’s Word

May 24-Audio/Outline– Rejecting Jesus Leaves You Desolated

May 17-Audio/Outline– Religious Pedigrees Do Not Save

May 10-Audio/Outline– A Woman’s Beauty

May 3-Audio/Outline– How Fruitful Are You?

April 26-Audio/Outline– I Can’t Believe God Would Forbid Gay Marriage

April 19-Audio/Outline– I Can’t Believe God Would Send People to Hell

April 12-Audio/Outline– I Can’t Believe Jesus is the Only Way to God

April 5-Audio/- Guest Presentation

March 29-Audio/Outline– Things We Should Know

March 22-Audio/Outline– The Love of God

March 15-Audio/Outline– Confidence in God

March 8-Audio/Outline– False Teachings & Rejection of Truth

March 1-Audio/Outline- Risky Business

February 22-Audio/Outline– Two Fathers, Two Lifestyles

February 15-Audio/Outline– Living in the Last Hour

February 8-Audio/Outline – Don’t Love The World

February 1-Audio/Outline – Maintain Fellowship With God Through Obedience

January 25-Audio/Outline – Fellowship With God Begins With Confession

January 18-Audio/Outline – State of the Church Address 2015

January 11-Audio/Outline – 89 Follows 88


December 28-Audio/Outline/Powerpoint – Does God Exist

December 21-Audio/Outline – The Shadow Of Death on Christmas

December 14-Audio/Outline – In The Fullness of Time

December 7-Audio/Outline – God’s Servants Have Cheated Him

November 30-Audio/Outline – The Future’s Present Today

November 23-Audio/Outline – How To Stand Firm In Difficult Times

November 16-Audio/Outline – 7 Weapons To Slay the Dragon of Fear

November 9-Audio/Outline –  How To Apply the Bible

November 2-Audio/Outline – How to Interpret the Bible

October 26-Audio/Outline – Understanding Bible Translations

October 19-Audio/Outline – The Canon: How the Individual Books of the Bible Were Chosen

October 12-Audio/Outline – How The Bible Was Preserved

October 5-Audio/Outline – Revelation, Inspiration, Inerrancy

September 28-Audio/Outline – 6 Areas of Financial Wisdom From the Proverbs

September 21-Audio/Outline – Guard Yourself Against Moral Failure

September 14-Audio/Outline – Recognize Fools and Respond Accordingly

September 7-Audo/Outline – How Do You Gain Wisdom?

August 31-Audio/Outline – Wise Words

August 24-Outline – What Is Wisdom and Why Do We Need It?

August 17-Audio/Outline – Jesus, The Troubler of the World

August 10-Audio/Outline – Why Worry?

August 3-Audio/Outline/Sermon Master – Are You Ready for Jesus’ Return?

July 27-Audio/Outline – Invest in Eternity

July 20-Audio/Outline – Persevere in the Faith

July 13-Audio/Outline – True Faith Versus Ungodly Religion

July 6-Audio/Outline – Obey Christ or Be Left in the Dark

June 29-Audio/Outline – Daddy, May I….?

June 22-Audio/Outline – The Privilege of Having God’s Full Revelation

June 15-Audio/Outline – The Strong Man and His Household

June 8-Audio/Outline – What Is Our Greatest Joy?

June 1-Audio/Outline – Jesus Before…

May 25-Audio/Outline – The Catfish Conundrum

May 18-Audio/Outline – Jesus, God’s Son, the Chosen One is Worthy of Our Attention

May 11-Audio/Outline – A Better Choice

May 4-Audio/Outline – Jesus Is Christ…What Now?

April 27-Audio/Outline – Developing Disciples

April 20-Audio/Outline – Two Condemned Men

April 13-Audio/Outline – Superhero Sermon Series – Are You a Superhero?”

April 6-Audio/Outline – Superhero Sermon Series – The Gospel in Superman

March 30-Audio/Outline – Superhero Sermon Series – Captain America Choses to Be a Superhero

March 23-Audio/Outline – Jesus is Accessible and Interruptible

March 16-Audio/Outline – Safe in the Presence of Jesus

March 9-Audio/Outline – What Soil Are You?

March 2-Audio/Outline – Some People Are Unconvinceable

John 4, 43-54 outline